Thursday, May 14, 2009

Draft Dodger Disses War Hero

On Sunday's Face the Nation, Vietnam war draft-dodger Dick disses Colin Powell, a highly decorated war hero, former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, and architect of the only successful invasion of Iraq. And picks a rich, recovering drug addict, talking-head as the voice of the Republican party. This might be a good time for George W. to preserve a bit of his own legacy and admit that everything that went wrong was Uncle Cheney's idea.

Read more on how Cheney is putting the nails in the GOP coffin in today's Washington Post.

Did eliminating EIT make America weaker? Ineffective reactive approaches do nothing for the root cause - soaring unemployment in Middle East young adults - 25% overall and 50% in Gaza - provides an ideal opportunity for radicals offering change. And besides, Jack Bauer will continue to do whatever he deems justified to keep us safe.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Adsense makes no cents?

Adsense (if you don't know) is a Google product that distribute ads paid for by Adwords users across millions of websites. Google charges variable rates to the Adwords user and shares some of the revenue with Adsense distributors, based on the visitor traffic to the site. The operative TLA (three letter acronym) is Cost per thousand unique page views. More page views, more money. Typically these funds accrue in your Google account until a threshold that warrants "cutting a check", i.e. $100. After 1.5 years, my account has reached $7.07. At that rate I'll get a check in 2029. Or never, since I deleted the Adsense garbagio from the sidebar.