Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Sarah Palin has a daughter name Juneau?

That's a Jay Leno joke - and a good one if you pay attention to Oscar winning movies. John McCain's selection of of Sarah Palin as running mate for VP was a strategic roll-the-dice move. The 2008 election is no longer a simple black vs. white, old vs. young, red state vs. blue state issue. Both candidates represent change, both candidates can cross traditional party lines. A McCain victory in 2008 puts Palin in the pole position for first woman president of the USA in 2012. She is the "un-Hillary" - I bet that if she caught her husband having sex with a 21 year-old he would end up as Kodiak bear-bait. I am not impressed by the mantra that she has "been the leader of a metropolitan village". But it doesn't bother me that she has "gnoshed on pork-barrel funds" in a campaign where the other three guys are Senators. As for experience, how versed in foreign affairs was Ronald Reagan?. Arnold the Governator's Austrian birth is perhaps the only reason he won't run in 2012. And Argentina has Christina Fernandez, who inherited the position from her late husband. Frankly, I would rather have any of the four Presidential/Vice Presidential candidates in the White House over what we have had there for the last eight years. McCain should have won the Rep party nomination in 2000 - he just didn't play dirty enough. At the very least, this will be an interesting election season, a boon to Media advertising, and if McCain & Palin win, a Moose in every pot.

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