Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Starbucks Demystified

Java Joe Starbuck is no longer a wall street favorite. Maybe having a store on every corner in America wasn't such a good idea.

Why has Starbucks been so successful? I didn't read the book, but I have a simple explanation. What is the 2nd worst thing that can happen to a woman wearing a new dress to an evening affair?

Answer: Seeing another woman wearing the same dress. The only thing worse than that is if the other woman is wearing the dress one size smaller.

The Starbuck's marketing mystique - the language and ordering options of vente, grande, caramel, chocolate, soy, no fat, no whip, extra shavings, steamed, macchiato, extra hot, etc. - serves one purpose: To allow customers (i.e. women) to order a drink that no other customer in the line is likely to order. No woman ever said "I'll have what she had" to the Starbuck's barista , unless she also wears pantsuits to evening affairs.

If don't believe me, spend a few minutes in Starbucks and watch the women ordering drinks. You won't have to wait long because women make up about 80% of the Starbucks clientel. Men have begun to figure out that this coffee "Jones" is more like a $5 milkshake Jones.

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