Monday, January 28, 2008

What a decade?

It's 2010 and America has just completed the first decade in the new millenium. For the last ten years, America's booming economy has invested hundreds of billions of dollars into the infrastructure for moving people, goods, electricity and internet packets. In addition, an entire generation has been educated on a 21st century version of the GI Bill.

The accumulated budget surplus has reduced the total Federal deficit by ~1 Trillion dollars. Americans now enjoy lower taxes, the security of low cost health care, and a sustainable retirement system that will endure for generations. The world showers the US with foreign investment. And the US is leading investments in fundamental technologies to improve world health and reduce the adverse impact of global warming.

Speaking at the United Nations, President Obama announced a "coalition of the welling" with funding from OPEC and other foreign entities to develop alternative energy solutions to replace world dependence on oil by 2030. Mars will have to wait.

Whoops, I was just dreaming that Bush did not steal the 2000 election and put America on a path to drain the treasury, suspend infrastructure, and sacrifice our children's future, on a fumbled effort at nation building.

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